We host some our recorded preaches on YouTube, please click the LINK.

Some of our older preaches can be found on our Google Drive, please click the LINK.


We are also involved in a few aspects of the city, student ministries as well as overseas missions:

ABÖJ - Austrian Youth and Children Ministries

ARGEGÖ - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Gemeinden in Österreich.

Evangelische Allianz Österreich - Evangelical Alliance of Austria.

Endlich Leben - Platform of the Evangelical Alliance in Linz.

SASIA - Support a School in Africa.

ÖSM - Austrian Students Mission.

KEB Österreich - Child Evangelism Fellowship of Austria.

Entdecker-Kids - Website for Children to get to know biblical truths.

FERVR and - Web sites for Christian Teenagers to be strengthened in their everyday faith.

LANGHAM AUSTRIA - Training for those teaching and preaching God’s word. There is also a Linz area preachers club.